We are glad to offer you this free compilation of Afro-digital dance music for Christmas 2014. The artists featured in this pack are a sample of what we consider the most dynamic, young and prolific generation of artists from the Afro-lusophone club scene .

The kuduro in its most familiar form is here played by Pax Galileu of the Tribais do Pânico, Mauro Rosa, Rolling Maior and Bebleite & Puto King. When some less traditional developments are found in the most daring experiments of Europeans DJ Lycox, Nidia Minaj and Mo Tello. A « kudurasta » UFO is also present in a JBS MC Mano’s production.

Some afro-house in the Southern Africa’s deep house tradition is proposed by Afro DJ Pupo, DJ Over 12 and Nigga C & Infinito.
The more downtempo tarraxo do ghetto, a Lisboner sub-genre of the Angolan tarraxinha is represented here by Anderson Texeira and DJ Bebedera.


Bazzerk’s previous compilation « Changa Tuki Classics » (Venezuela) and « Afro Digital Dance » (Angola/Portugal) are available here.

These live improvisations were cut directly to lacquers and pressed onto vinyl in one day. See how this was made & hear how this sounds like here.

9 handmade assembled copies only – get one here.

2×12” heavy 200 gramms vinyl
one marbled, one transparent
no labels, 3 sides (4th is blank)

Black gatefold cover
Black silk inner bookmark
Authentic 1970 gold heliophore in 3 different patterns
Credits silkscreened by Les Belges

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab ™ innersleeves
HD PVC protective outersleeve

Art Direction Olivier Ducret.

Gatefold cover, black silk inner bookmark
Authentic 1970 gold heliophore (3 different patterns)
Credits silkscreened by Les Belges

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab ™ innersleeves
HD PVC protective outersleeve

Co-produced and co-distributed with Standard-In-Fi.
Released on vinyl for the first time by popular demand.
Relentless, uncompromising massive drone & hypertrance by trio France:
Yann Gourdon (Hurdy Gurdy), Jérémie Sauvage (Bass) & Mathieu Tilly (Drums).
Easily one of the most radical and best release ever on Mental Groove Records.
Get your copy here

France – French-Swiss tour

13/12/14 Marseille)

16/12/14 Grenoble

17/12/14 Geneva – Cave 12

18/12/14 Bale – Plattfon

19/12/14 Lausanne – Le Bourg

16/01/15 Paris

17/01/15 Cherbourg

merchandising available at the venues

Geneva-based trio Sinner DC return with an all- new remix album, featuring 12 new versions and 4 interludes from their 2012 LP ‘Future That Never Happened’.

Far from being a patchwork collection of remixes, ‘Ambient Mixes’ is a brand new album; an 80- minute cinematic trip following the tradition of ambient/chillout albums in the vein of The Orb, Le Coeur, and KLF.
Dropping on Mental Groove Records, home of Luciano and Miss Kittin & The Hacker among others, ‘Ambient Mixes’ comes as Sinner DC have just finished recording ‘MAPS’ – a collaboration with Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom, founding member of legendary neo-psychedelic rock band Spacemen 3.

Having been a key influence on the likes of My Bloody Valentine and producer for MGMT and Panda Bear, Sonic Boom’s involvement marks another milestone for Sinner DC, which will begin in late 2014 with ‘Ambient Mixes’.

‘Ambient Mixes’ is released November 2014 on digital, CD and 2 separate vinyl.

Get it here

The vinyl version of « Pop Collection » is finally available!
You can order one of the 500 copies here.

Vinyl edition specials:

-features download card with full album + 2 bonus tracks “Crazy in Love” and “Palabras”.
-exclusive vinyl cover artwork.
-lyrics printed on the jacket available for the first time.

and will be available in your favorite record stores by the end of October.